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Yummy bowls of fix-in-a-jiff blends go with crudités, breads, crackers, chips, and more. When you’re serving party nibbles, there’s always room for another appetizer. Whip up some pumpkin pepita hummus to add a dash of color and flavor to a harvest-themed gathering, or put out a bowl of cheesy pub dip to get those football fans cheering. These dips can even add a zesty twist to your next meal: try watermelon cucumber salsa as a topping for salad on a hot summer day, or drop a scoop of cilantro peanut pesto into your stir-fry to take it to the next level. These flavorful recipes require little to no cooking and will delight any palate. Hardcover 128pgs cooking/quick & easy/courses & dishes/appetizers James bradford is a chef in northern utah. He specializes in the creative preparation of local ingredients. 7" x 7"

Big Dips Book

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