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Stand Out. Two > One. Mouthblown.

The Cloudnola Fusion Collection exemplifies versatility with a touch of vivacity. With a dual-tone design, these reversible vases present a spectrum of possibilities - from holding a bouquet to cradling a flickering candle. While the cylindrical vase gleams with shades of lively green and yellow, its counterpart reminisces of bubbles in radiant red and blue. Their compact size makes them ideal as tabletop centerpieces, but their functionality doesn't end there. For the green-thumbed, they serve as perfect propagating vases, even proving adept at nurturing an avocado seed to sprout. Whether you're setting a romantic ambiance, kickstarting a plant project, or simply adding a dash of color to your décor, the Fusion Collection is your go-to choice.

Fusion Collection Set of 2 Glass Flip Vases/Candleholders

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